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Scredible PLC takes your concerns about privacy, and the private nature of your personal information, very seriously. This Privacy Statement tells you what we will and won’t do with your information.

Scredible uses advanced information technology to leverage the benefits of social media and big data analysis for our subscribers like you. This means we must get information from you – some of it personal and confidential – and then analyze and track it so we can send personalized information and guidance back to you.

Your Information We Collect

When you sign up with Scredible, we will ask you to give us some of your personal information. This includes your name, email, credit card, and other personal identifying information. This also includes other personal information for the public internet profile that you will create and control with our help.

We will also get other non-personal information automatically when you contact us and use our services on the internet, and when others contact you or access your media on the internet. Examples of this information include your types of electronic devices, your location, your internet usage involving our services, the internet traffic generated for you by our services, and useful data about the people who are following you on the internet.

Our Voluntary Use of Your Information

Our only intended use of your information will be to help us provide our services to you. We will not voluntarily let anyone else get or use any of your information. This means your information will not be sold, rented, traded, or otherwise voluntarily provided by us to anyone, under any circumstances, except exactly as you and we have agreed in your subscription agreement.

Possible Involuntary Use of Your Information

We can foresee two ways that some or all of your information might be disclosed to someone other than us, despite our intent to protect it.

One way is that the law might require us to disclose it. We promise you that we will follow the law, but we will disclose only what we are required to disclose under the law.

The other way is that our security systems protecting your information (and ours) might be breached. We promise you that we will protect your information with the best systems reasonably available to us, but no system can ever be completely secure.

Your Rights of Access, Correction, and Deletion

You can request a complete electronic copy of your information gathered by us at any time. Click here to email us.

You can also correct errors in your information. Click here to email us.

Finally, you can instruct us to delete all of your information at any time. Click here to email us.

Your Remaining Questions and Concerns about Privacy

We have kept our Privacy Statement general, simple, and short so that you and all our subscribers will be comfortable and confident with it. But, whenever you have any questions or comments about it, please submit your input by clicking here to email us, and we will respond as soon as we can. You can also access a copy of our internal Privacy Statement by clicking here to email us.